Grant Request by NEST Protocol

Submission Date

January 11, 2022

Project Links

TelegramTelegram: Contact @nest_chat

Project Description

NEST Protocol is a decentralized pricing oracle network, which solves the on-chain pricing problem by decentralized incentive solutions. The NEST oracle adopts the market game theory to synchronize the off-chain market price information onto the chain through miners’ quotation. And combined with the NEST mining mechanism to incentivize quotation miners, making it a logically closed-loop distributed quotation system.

Amount Requested

50,000 USD


$20K for integration, development and testing:

  • Launch innovative open module, 20+ partners targeted
  • Develop random mining models to increase the participation of miners and mining pools
  • Launch dynamic parameter model, adaptive model and voting module
  • Launch NEST mobile dapp for users to quote mining on Polygon

$20K for marketing:

  • Airdrops
  • Media reports
  • KOL promoticon
  • AMA outreach
  • Partnerships with Polygon projects
  • Advertising campaigns

$10K for community:

  • Build NsetDAO with users, miners and developers