Grant Request By Mystiko Network

Submission Date

January 6, 2022

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Project Description

Mystiko.Network is a zero-knowledge proof protocol for cross-chain transaction privacy. Founded by experienced blockchain privacy members from previous projects including Origo, ZCash, Binance, Mystiko.Network is currently integrating with multiple cross-chain networks like Poly Network, Anyswap, Celer Bridge, Solana Wormhole, etc while supporting chains like ETH, BSC, Solana, Neo, Heco. Mystiko.Network is exciting to bring more privacy to Defi, Gamefi, NFT, etc, especially in cross-chain scenarios.

A private transaction from ETH to BSC via Poly Network using Mystiko Protocol has been completed, as the world’s first transaction of such kind.


Milestone 1 - 10k USD: Integration doc design

Milestone2 - 20k USD: Protocol integration on testnet, and release beta version for public test.

Milestone 3 - 20kUSD: Official launch of integrated protocol (with liquidity pool).