Grant Request by MYBIAS

Submission Date
December 22, 2021

Project Links

Discord : MYBIAS
Medium :

Project Description

MYBIAS is K-POP Fan Community DAOs built on Polygon!

:heavy_check_mark: If you mint DAO NFTs, you can be a Fan Community DAO member and support promising K-POP rookies (1NFT = 1VOTE)
:heavy_check_mark: Fan DAO Funds for supporting each K-POP rookie will be collected from NFT minting fees and become BIGGER and BIGGER autonomously deposited in stable coin pool

Please visit MYBIAS github ‘’ for more information
GitHub - HoonWon/MyBias-DAO

Amount requested

10,000 USD


  1. Launch 1st Fan Community DAO for STAYC (K-POP girl group)

3k USD → Youtube / Discord / Twitter marketing budget for promoting MYBIAS

The Earlybird NFT Sale will be launched on 22nd Dec. (Only 500 NFTs of 10,000 NFTs)
And after this sale, the public sale will be launched. To promote our service to crypto users & STAYC core fans, MYBIAS needs an online marketing budget.
As of now, Discord members are 1.15k and we plan to increase this number to 10k through online marketing before the public sale!

  1. Add 2nd, 3rd DAOs and more

7k USD → Budget for recruiting Block-chain full stack developers

The more DAOs are created in MYBIAS, The more developers we would need. That 7k USD will be used to pay capable developers!

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Grant Request Status

Allocated to the team

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