Grant Request by Minke

Submission Date
January 21, 2022

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Project Description

Minke is a web3 wallet purely focused on DeFi with Polygon as our default network. We’re the best way to save, borrow and invest with DeFi on mobile. Users can now save on Aave at a variable rate of 3%. We’ll next integrate with mStable to get yields between 14-25% on stablecoins.

We believe most DeFi wallets today aren’t built for the next billion users. Minke is a familiar interface that looks like your favorite fintech but is powered by all the magic of DeFi in the background. We’re non-custodial, open and permissionless with top ups in 29 fiat currencies with plans to localize in Spanish and Portugese next month.

We’re part of Startmate, Australia’s leading accelerator.

Amount requested
10,000 USD


Launch public beta - March 2022
Launch public on iOS - April 2022
3000 Monthly Active User - May 2022
10,000 Monthly Active Users - July 2022