Grant Request by Lun: Zero Fee, Zero Friction NFTs for Dynamic Media

Submission Date
February 1, 2022

Project Links

Website: DocSend

Project Description

Lun is the zero friction, zero fee marketplace for dynamic media. We’re a Polygon built platform that allows a user to sync once with a Web2 content platform of choice and mint their videos forever. Anytime they upload a video to their content or videoware platform of choice, it automatically gets minted. We allow users to multitenant their NFTs and also allow purchasers to get visibility. Anytime a purchase occurs, a pinned comment will go up these content platforms saying “Owned by Grendel” or “Owned by Sid”. Since the last time we applied, we have officially incorporated and have began development on our MVP.

Amount requested
49,000 USD


Milestone 1 (Building Phase I: the Creator Economy): $20K; Pre-sell the platform and get individuals and creator DAOs on our waitlist. Finish payments to contractors for MVP.

Milestone 2 (Community Creation and marketing): $29K; Build community and attract community of creators (utilize Discords, Telegrams, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook ad marketing to get more users on our waitlist and our beta offering)