Grant Request by Kitty in the Box Metaverse

Submission Date
January 31, 2022

Project Links

Facebook: Mokuni

Project Description

“Kitty in the Box” is an original game IP developed by Mokuni Games, with tens of millions of downloads since its first release in 2014. The team is now developing the next installment on the blockchain which offers an exciting “play to earn” experience.

Amount requested
500,000 USD


April 10th, 2022 Public announcement,
Deliverable: playable demo, NFT collection.
Budget: $100K

Q3 2022 Closed Beta launch
Deliverable: “Play to earn” experience, with 5+ hours of playable content.
Budget: $200K

Q4 2022 Public launch
Deliverable: polished onboarding user experience, with 20 hours of playable content.
Budget: $200K