Grant Request by IPLand

Submission Date

January 11, 2022

Project Links

Medium: IPLand - SocialFi Metaverse – Medium

Project Description

IPLand is a SocialFi platform for Social Capital investment and financing which bridges Web3 and Web2 to bring mass adoption for the Metaverse.

How IPLand works
● Co-NFT
Every Web2 user can create NFTs for the IP with the Co-NFT functionality. The Co-NFT can separate the creator and owner of an NFT which will boost the NFT supply remarkably. IPLand is building a new SocialFi ecosystem with new NFT ownership in economy and innovations.
● Hunt
Hunt is a crowd-rating mechanism to find the valuable NFTs. The Hunting system is designed to be the NFT version of Snapshot to be a better tool of the relation management between IP and fans.

Key Features
● Social Capital tokenization
Social influence on Web2 networks can be tokenized which means that users can get direct monetary benefits from being influential figures.
● Interact to earn
IPLand values all on-chain interactions that creates a platform where people who might never have gotten the chance to learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology while earning.
● Bridging Web3 and Web2
The integration of IPLand and Web2 social media (Twitter) will bring mass adoption and be the best SocialFi use case of the blockchain ecosystem.

Amount Requested

30,000 USD


Polygon Mainnet Launch
The IPLand Chrome extension will be available for all Chrome users. Twitter users can create NFTs with the Co-NFT functionality for other Twitter users (usually their idols). All on-chain interactions will be traceable on Polygon.
Budget 10000 USD

IPs Signed NFTs on Twitter
IPLand will bridge Web2 and Web3 to bring mass adoption for the metaverse by the IPLand extension. Once IP starts to sign NFTs which are created by their fans, the whole Creator Economy is shaped.
Budget 10000 USD

IPLand Extension for Instagram
Instagram is a JPGE base camp. The active number of users on IPLand will move to the next level when we can engage them in Metaverse.
Budget 10000 USD