Grant Request by IP Solution for NFTs and Web 3 (MT Solution)

Submission Date

January 12, 2022

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Project Description

We want Polygon to be our first supported blockchain the MT Solution supports (after Ethereum). Blockchains supported by the MT Solution will provide a differentiated offering to their NFT users (creators, marketplaces, d’app builders) that will make Polygon stand out as a better and safe place for users to build their NFT businesses.

MINTangible is developing an IP Solution for NFT-licensing that allows users to mint NFTs with proper license terms and set, from inception an IP structure that ensures IP terms throughout NFT life/ecosystem. MINTangible has an interest in a neutral and multi-blockchain infrastructure that can be used to declare digital assets and attach licensing information to those declarations. Furthermore the decentralized infrastructure will support content based search and discovery of pre-existing declarations of digital content.

For NFT Creators, we will offer NFT specific use case license terms (collectibles, gaming, community, music, etc.) available via creative commons and our solution will properly set up an IP structure using it for any NFT minted.

This will not only provide instant solution to NFT Projects/Users but also benefit Polygon marketplaces will a technical solution to monitor duplicate content which will not only help with addressing user complaints but also help meet their legal compliance obligations (e.g., in Europe, there are platform obligations to do some rights verification before publishing on a platform).

In addition, MT Solution ends with a blockchain registry - with one click (from the NFT Description) an NFT buyer or anyone can look up the digital rights (licensing) information for an NFT.

The MT Solution requires development to support each blockchain and has chosen Polygon as a top one to prioritize as we are building out the core product. This is because Polygon is one of the best ecosystems for NFT projects and activity and you are investing in many ways to secure this position. We also like that it is a L2 on top of Ethereum.

MT will also be supported by a community - where the mission is NFT creator empowerment and education and will be teaching and putting out education about IP and digital rights management in web 3 – Polygon can benefit when the community asks where they will be able to mint NFTs with the MINTangible IP structure. We will expand to all blockchains but the first ones will stand out as we go to market.

Amount Requested

25,000 USD


Implementation of the Polygon Registry Smart Contract: 8000
Implementation of the Polygon Observer Service: 10000
Testing, Bug Fixes : 2,000
Integration/Testing Polygon components with MT Solution: 5000


Congratulations! We have approved a $5,000 grant.

The team will be in touch with you to let you know how to proceed.

Kind regards,


This is great news and we promise to bring a game changer for adding trust, transparency and clarity to the Polygon NFT Ecosystem- which every market participant will benefit from!

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