Grant Request by ICE Colony

Submission Date

November 26, 2021

Project Links

Project Description

ICE Colony is a building & mining game in a postapocalyptic space era

Amount Requested

50.000 USD


Milestone for ICE (Insentient Celestial Excavator) Colony:

Milestone 1- $5,000 (Completed)

First Cinematic (Human Dominance) explaining the lore of the Universe. The cinematic will describe how humanity went into space and started mining asteroids.

Milestone 2- $5,000 (Completed)

Gamified UI with factories and asteroid mining.

Milestone 3- $10,000 (Completed)

Deployment of smart contracts
Token generation event
Creating liquidity on quickswap
Users will be able to start producing ICE in factories and sent their miners to mine asteroids
Both the factories and asteroids will be active at this stage

Milestone 4- $5,000

Second Cinematic (ICE Rebellion)

Milestone 5- $10,000

The new UI for new game features
Base building game
Resource management by the use of NFTs (e.g send your characters to find supplies)

Milestone 6- 15,000

PvP model and space wars for the domination of resources
Players will be able to attack each other and take the control of various resources