Grant Request by i3D Angel NFT

Submission Date

December 16, 2021

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Project Description

Link to Understanding the i3D Angel NFT

Problem statement
Mass adoption for alpha investing is an illiquid, high risk, & poor data environment with low liquidity for founders & investors.

Solution to the problem
Using a NFT ERC 721 solution to create a Double Sided Marketplace offering a combination of due diligence, network validation, investor capital preservation and liquidity. We are building a double-sided marketplace for experts and investors with Governance and fail safe’s built into the protocol.

User Journey
A user can participate in three ways:
• sign up with the i3D Rapid App to receive Reward i3D Tokens to build the network
• purchase a NFT (coming end Jan 2022) to gain access to the data about startups - this replaces the traditional SaaS subscription model
• purchase native i3D Tokens to participate in analytical work
• or all 3!

The ongoing minting of NFT’s and i3D Token* launch seeds our dry powder mining fund with the APY being used to ‘pay’ the i3D network to analyse projects via an issuance and buyback of i3D Tokens, or to invest into alpha projects identified by the network.

What does a NFT Holder in our Genesis and Murmurs 1-4 launches get:
• Rights to Data as long as they hold an NFT
• i3D Tokens to participate in the expert side of the marketplace

Note: The airdrop of i3D Tokens replaces the need for traditional or crypto VC funding – we are going straight to the community

Scope of Grant Application
We are issuing a series of NFT Collections with marketplace access control via smart contracts & the solution, that replace the traditional access to data subscription models. As long as a holder owns the NFT, they have access to the data.

What is built and What are we building

  1. Already our analytical platform for a deep dive into alpha projects is built and in testing
  2. Our mobile app, i3D Rapid is designed and in construction
  3. Our NFT Genesis Collection - artwork is completed and ready for technical and marketing phase - scope of this application

*i3D Token link to Whitepaper

Amount requested

89,000 USD


Milestone 1: $23K
Delivery date: mid to end Jan 2022

  • Website development (for Graphene, Genesis and ongoing Murmur collections)
  • Creation of art generation script
  • Development and deployment for smart contracts
  • Publish Genesis Collection on Polygon

Milestone 2: $29K - TVL Measure Completion of ERC20 & ERC721 contracts
Delivery Date: 15 - 28 Feb 2022

  • Development of airdrops and stakeholder ownership protocol
  • Prepare Murmur Collections 1-4: Coding and Artwork
  • Start marketing with outside agency (extra to Polygon)

Milestone 3: $22K
Delivery Date: End March 2022

  • Integration with Nevermined protocol for access control
  • Publishing and mint the Murmur Collections 1-4 on Polygon

Milestone 4: $15K
Delivery Date: End March 2022

  • Marketing (beyond Polygon community) of ongoing Murmur Collections
  • Development of NFT storage solution via Nevermined

The following links are to our i3D Arena Platform to which the i3D Rapid App will connect. It is currently built with a standard Web 2 interface, however our utility NFT will challenge this.
i3D Dashboard
i3D Creating a Project
i3D Scoring a Project

To obtain a better understanding of the project follow this link to our pitch deck

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