Grant Request by Hello Fans

Submission Date
January 7, 2022

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Project Description

We are building the decentralised freemium social metaverse 3.0 that leverages advanced technologies and concepts like NFT’S, Metaverse, IPFS, Blockchain and AI to provide a complete creator ecosystem to connect and earn together with their supporters, Auction house and brands while getting a chance to live in a metaverse.

Amount requested
50,000 USD


  1. We have built NFT Minting MVP 1.0
  2. Basic demonstration of User and Creator profile is ready

The next step is:

A) Mint instant NFT’s and lock it
B) Auction house, bidding and NFT Utility
C) Embryo profile offering and Embryo profile staking

After this step:

A) We have already talked to celebrities and influencers, we would love to on-board them
B) Launch the advanced V2.0 of Hello Fans

The last step is:
A) Metaverse
B) Gaming reality

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Hi Team, our MVP 1.0 is ready and we would love to show it to the concerned person if required. We are really looking forward to building it fully with the community support.

PFB our team details:

A) Abhyudoy Das: 5 years+ crypto experience. Worked with 10+ crypto start-ups. Draper University Scholar and winner
B) Niharika: 3 years+ crypto experience
C) Aaron: A good name in the crypto space to build community from the scratch
D) Shreyasee: Worked as partner at various top celebrity engagement platforms. She has already talked to many celebrities regarding Hello Fans to on-board them once we launch at Day1 as our advisor and brand ambassadors.
E) Suhina: Influencer herself, she is connected to many influencers.

Apart from that, we have 3 members who are working on the product. We are also working with 2 institute to sign up a ‘Research partnership’

Thank you all and we are looking forward to hearing from you.