Grant Request by FINT Multichain Wallet

Submission Date
January 9, 2022

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Project Description
FINT is a mobile-first multichain wallet built to simplify the accessibility of well-curated DeFi products– Staking & Yield farming.

The FINT W3 non-custodial wallet will utilize meta-transactions and on-ramp payment solutions to simplify the single-click investing in any staking products across networks. We aim to reduce the gas fee by leveraging layer two and bundled transactions (pooling).

The FINT tech stack provides the infrastructure to effectively bridge the realms of DeFi and investing experience.

Salient features-

  1. well-curated DeFi investing (with single-click)
  2. Reduced gas fee
  3. Seed-less recovery
  4. High speed & security
  5. Multichain & NFT support
  6. Alerts on timed events– NFT auction, etc.
    Amount requested
    100,000 USD


Q1 2022: Core team building, Polygon Layer 2 Integration, Mobile Wallet App launch - $40,000
Q2 2022: Tokenomics, DEX listing of staking products, Liquidity Pools - $30,000
Q3 2022: Multichain expansion, Yield farming vaults, NFT Support - $30,000

TVL timeline - 6 months
TVL Measure - $1M

Calculation -
10,000 users * $100 (AVG investing) = $1,000,000

As we’ve spoken with Hamzah, we’re more than happy to start with $10k grant for the 2 months timeline where we’ll achieve the said milestones.

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