Grant Request by Ethernal Elves

Submission Date

January 12, 2022

Project Links

Website: Ethernal Elves

Project Description

The project is already built on Ethereum but we are wanting to develop a Bridge from Ethereum to Polygon so transactions can occur on Polygon. Then to be able to bridge NFTs back and forth if needed. Another project has successfully done a similar feature such as EtherOrcs and Wizards and Dragons.

Project Info: We are a 100% on-chain NFT project with Gamification with front end interaction that feels like a real game.

Amount Requested

10,000 USD


Milestone 1: Develop Bridge (2-4 weeks) ($5,000)
Milestone 2: Integrate Polygon gameplay on Front end UI (starts 4-6 weeks after Milestone 1 is complete ($5,000)