Grant Request by Ether Orcs

Submission Date

December 15, 2021

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Project Description

We launched EtherOrcs just under 2 months ago and built the first fully on-chain NFT game. We just recently built an NFT bridge that brings our NFT collection, sub collections, and our tokens over to Polygon. This is a fully custom bridge that we’ve built but could be useful for a wide range of NFT-gaming projects to use. We plan on publishing a WP that will help people build their own bridges as well.

Amount requested

40,000 USD


We developed a new solution for NFT projects that are looking to take advantage of the benefits of the Polygon network without taking all of their assets off of L1 Ethereum. This custom bridge (deemed The Portal) already has the interest of a number of other major NFT on chain game projects that are looking for solutions to have partial integration with Polygon. Other projects with interest in our solution, of note: Wolf Game and Wizards & Dragons — projects with over 30K in ethereum volume on secondary market sales that already utilize other on chain code from our contract.

We want to establish Polygon as the platform of choice within our game ecosystem and continue to develop on the platform both with our custom Portal bridge as a solution for other on chain games as well as future expansions of our gameplay.

We’ve already delivered “The Portal” which is tech we want to drive / on board new projects with – COMPLETE

Two core next phases of our project will focus on a composable (multi-NFT project capable) PVP system that is fully on chain on the Polygon network as well as an interactive Dungeon Crawling game fully on chain on Polygon. The targeted user base will be (after completion of development over the next three months) over five thousand individual players with about ~20+ transactions per gameplay instance.

In order to develop both of these and provide a seamless user experience, we are requesting 20K in MATIC to cover gas fees for our user base as they interactive with high frequency transactions in the on chain game contract.