Grant Request by DeFi Options DAO

Submission Date
January 7, 2022

Project Links

Discord: DeFi Options DAO
Telegram: Telegram: Contact @DeFiOptionsDAO
Github: DeFi Options DAO · GitHub

Project Description

DeFi Options is an open-source decentralized options trading platform allowing users to buy, sell and write cash settable European call/put option tokens.

Our flexible structure allows traders to access or spin up their own on-chain peer-to-pool options trading liquidity pool where they control the rules (i.e set traded underlying assets, select price oracles, define pricing models, determine trading spreads, adjust permissions for traders and LPs, etc).

Amount requested
100,000 USD


Milestone 1: V1 Development
V1 beta core contracts have been developed and audited by PeckShield. V1 beta is already soft-launched on Polygon with aim of collecting feedback from the early community of users and solving minor bugs in frontend.

Budget USD: $10k
Delivery Date: Jan 2022

Milestone 2: UX & Selling Options Feature
Our main focus till launch is to add the functionality to write covered and naked options to our UI while improving the overall UX of the web app based on feedback form our early users.

Budget USD: $25k
Delivery Date: Jan - Feb 2022

Milestone 2: Reaching 1M TLV (Growth)
We are looking to incentivize existing and new community members to use the protocol and drive growth initiatives. We will be focusing on content creation, business development, and partnerships. We will allow technical users to spin up their own LP with their own rules on top of DeFi Options protocol.

Budget USD: $65k
Delivery Date: Feb - Mar 2022

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