Grant Request by Cspring

Submission Date

January 12, 2022

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Project Description

Cspring was developed as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization which integrates an Initial Decentralized Offering platform to create funding frameworks while still reducing risks for investors. The DAO platform is developed to facilitate grant-giving for impact startups in a bid to aid the regeneration of the earth, soil, natural resources and the natural society. The DAO platform enables stakeholders to unanimously decide and vote on startups to fund, while the integrated IDO opens up another way for crypto project developers to fundraise and launch their tokens through a decentralized liquidity exchange. CSpring dual-functional ecosystem leverages the intrinsic value of the blockchain technology to provide a measure through which cryptocurrency and non-cryptocurrency projects can launch seamlessly while receiving funding for sustainability

Why Cspring DAO?
• Interest Protection: Everyday, tens of impact companies are being developed to substantially improve the use of renewable energy and eradicate the continuous use of fossil fuels. However, few of these companies are fraudulent. Hence, Cspring stakeholders (members with the highest stake) are appointed to protect the interest of the DAO community by conducting proper due diligence on identified start-ups before proposals submitted are accepted.
• Flexible Structure: No doubt, DAO transaction execution can be time-consuming. However, Cspring introduces a revolutionary approach by integrating a time frame model which is coded into the smart contract for easy operations. The time frame model requires community members to decide on the appropriate time frame for transactions while considering the required time needed for – due diligence, proposal, vote and execution. By creating such a mode, the transaction process can be fast and less time-consuming.
• Smart Contract: The Cspring DAO function on smart contracts, and these smart contracts run when programmed conditions are met and, by doing so, execute unanimous decisions. Since the smart contract works on an if/then basis, as soon as previous processes have been completed, the smart contract automatically executes the code. By doing this, Cspring aims to reduce the possibility and consequential effects of disputes.
• Voting System: Cspring voting system gives every member the same voting right irrespective of the number of tokens held. As such, the platform prevents manipulative voting processes.
• Human Value: Carrying out proper due diligence on startups identified may not be effective without humans. Hence, members with the highest amount of tokens are eligible to be a part of the team to conduct checks on startups. Since there may be hundreds of members eligible for this role, the community will vote to decide on the number of people to make up the team. It could be a 5-man team or a 20-man team; this depends on the community’s decisions. To prevent centeredness and manipulation, team members will be changed per project.
• Incentives Distribution: As the platform expands, tokens should grow in value. Community members earn from token value increases and also earn a share of dividends gained from partnering startups.

• Token-Based Membership: The DAO integrates a token-based membership model, which gives token holders access to voting.
• Cspring Decentralized Autonomous Organization mainly facilitates grant-giving for impact start-ups. In essence, decisions are only made towards startups aimed at societal sustainability – Clean energy, Soil regeneration, Clean Technology etc.

Why Cspring IDO?
• MultiChain Ecosystem: Cspring Initial Decentralized Offering Launchpad is compatible with multiple blockchains. As such, the Launchpad supports crypto projects built on various blockchains and makes them accessible to investors on a single pad.
• Intentional Approach: Cspring IDO pad has its unique value propositions vested in thoughtful and intentional developers who work to create possibilities of broader distributions, better project exposure and more precise marketing.
• Decentralized and Fair System: The allocation distribution system ensures that the number of IDO participants and the onboarded supporters is high while the staking requirement is low. Cspring also integrates a fair system that ensures that every transaction is transparent.
• Powered Distributions: The platform integrates forecast mechanics where community members predict the token price of a project 15 days after launch.
Why integrate a forecast mechanic
o To prevent the risk of a Sybil attack, the required stake in the platform will be set to the barest minimum in order to facilitate the participation of many investors.
o To prevent manipulation, forecasts will not be visible to any one till the end of the forecast period. Afterward, the forecast number displayed will be the median forecast.
o 30 days after the token launch, the forecast result will be finalized based on the average price shown by coinmarketcap and coingecko. If there is a price difference, 24 hours will be added to allow the prices to sync.
o 8 closest forecasters will be chosen as winners and will receive a reward in the form of project tokens
o 4-5% of all forecasters that are closest to the forecast result (including the winners) will earn CSPR tokens. They can claim these tokens at any time.
• Zero Listing Fee: Cspring charges no listing fee, nor does it have any hidden fee.
• KYC Regulations: The platform is KYC compliant. Hence, every IDO participant must be vetted and found eligible for participation before participating in a presale.
• Fully Decentralized: Cspring promotes full decentralization by giving control of all Launchpad mechanics to the community, thus ensuring continuous support and engagement.

Cspring Initial Decentralized Offering Launchpad facilitates an alternative approach that enables new cryptocurrency projects to raise capital and safety to early-stage investors. The platform increases project visibility while still creating better opportunities for investors. Investors in the ecosystem can contribute funds in the liquidity pool or stake their coins to earn yields.

Amount Requested

100,000 USD


Setup: Community Building, setup company entity, decide core ethos and decision-making mechanism, create framework of venture philantrophy for this new Defi community
Design: test product and design ideas, build partnerships with exchanges, presale round , launch page, IDO beta


After considering this grant carefully we have concluded that the project is in such an early stage for us to fund it. In addition to this, it is not clear how this project would help grow the Polygon ecosystem.

Thank you for your interest in Polygon and I wish you every success with your projects.