Grant Request by BetSwirl

Submission Date
January 13, 2022

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Project Description

BetSwirl is an online cryptocurrency gaming platform, fully decentralized and anonymous, where everyone will be able to enjoy a fair play, a fun time and an innovative gamer experience.

Enjoy the key features of BetSwirl:

  • Interactive gaming experience with animations and sounds effects, soon by unleashing gambling in the metaverse
  • Play multiple games (Dice, Coin Toss, …) and use tokens to bet (MATIC, USDC, BETS, …)
  • Use BETS staking to share the profits, and get rewarded in multiple tokens
  • Benefit from the multi-level referral program
  • Follow the protocol’s analytics dashboard
  • Be placed in the Leaderboard and win NFT rewards
  • Remain confident in the fully decentralized application to respect your privacy, prevent censorship, and where reliability is treated as the highest priority

Already thrilled? We are. To know more, check here -

Amount requested
15,000 USD


One idea/milestone for now.

Milestone “Airdrop” - We’d like to build our brand awareness by doing a Gleam campaign and an airdrop for the people that flip a coin on BetSwirl.
The overall goal is to incentivize people to come back, therefore, we’ll airdrop an NFT to anyone who do the Gleam + flip a Coin.
The coin flip game rule will be:

  • Bet will be a fixed amount: e.g. 3 MATIC or 10 USDT = 10$
  • In case the user is winning, we refund the bet amount and give a NFT to participate to the Million jackpot
  • In case the user is loosing, we give a NFT to participate to the Million jackpot
  • The Million jackpot will be partially funded from the loosed bets.

In case we get the grant from you, we can incentivize even more people to participate to this campaign by airdropping USDC/MATIC to the loosed bets’ gamers and/or add some funds to the Million jackpot.

We are open to discussion with you in order to determine the best way to use it.