Grant Request by ArtCoin Network

Submission Date
November 18, 2021

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Project Description

The ArtCoin Network is our decentralized synthetic asset exchange. With the rise of interest towards synthetic assets, there are new synthetic asset exchanges emerging where users can trade artificially wrapped tokens that track and provide returns of assets without requiring users to actually hold physical assets. Synthetic assets include cryptocurrencies, commodities, index funds and share stocks.

Amount requested
260,000 USD


  1. Zero Knowledge Prover of HTTPS – $60k USD
  • A Zero Knowledge circuit C(w, x).
  • Translated prover program off-chain and generate the proof.
  • Wrapped command that does the HTTPS requests, prepare all TLS packets and invoke prover, and sign a transaction to submit proof to chain.
  • A Verifier TEAL contract that can verify the given (price, proof) is valid.
  • Figure out integration with Polygon blockchain so the Prover-Verifier can work.
    After this milestone: Users can call the wrapped program to have price submitted to chain. If and only if the program hasn’t been modified (in the sense that same input produces same output), will the verifier contract accept the submission.
  1. Artificial Token Exchange on testNet – $60k USD
  • aUSD Token contract live on testNet / - ART Token contract live on testNet
  • Artificial token exchange contract live on testNet
  • Integration with AMM and have a testNet pool to distribute ART.
  • A web UI allow user to obtain aUSD and ART
  • Web UI to stake ART, trade Artificial assets
    After this milestone: Artificial Token Exchange main functionality is available to use on Polygon testNet.
  1. Functionality fully tested – $60k USD
  • Full unit tests to cover extensive corner cases and prove contracts are secure against common attacks
  • Fully automatic integration tests to ensure all functionalities are usable in future upgrades
  • Zero-knowledge proof generation and price submitting part has no known exploitable places after team and community attacks
    After this milestone: the Awardee should be confident to launch on mainNet in the technical and user experience sense.
  1. Launch on Polygon mainNet – $ 80k USD
  • Security Audit and polished contracts
  • Enhanced UI/UX based on testNet user feedback
  • Have 10,000+ community members
  • Successfully launch additional marketing events, airdrops, media reports
  • Art Coin and aUSD available on AMM pool and on one of centralized exchanges
    After this milestone: the project will finish to go to market and community. After community member can fully operate it, we plan to make it fully community driven and all user can add feature with test guaranteed

Grant Request Status

Allocated to the team

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