Grant Request by AfroKingzNFT

Submission Date

January 17, 2022

Project Links

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @MudaOfficial

Project Description

The Afro Kings collection is of 15,000 artistic pieces that consist of originals from some of the best artists from around the crypto sphere and some programmatically generated items.

The collection consists of Masks that come from different African tribes and kingdoms mixed with various accessories and print patterns in order to create a mix of game avatars, collectibles, and rare items. The community is invited to join the race to take control of the Afro Kingz universe by building the biggest kingdom.
AfroKingzNFT would lead into digital Strategy game is going to be a Battle Royale Mobile Game built in the unreal gaming engine and will feature various conquests to be completed on the Map of 8000BC Africa. It will feature various African cultures and the main storyline being the King who will win and rule over other kings in the AfroKingz universe will be launched with the sale of the final KingzDAO Tokens on

Amount Requested

50,000 USD


Event Soldier AfroKingz NFTs Drop

Marketing - Minting already Started - MUDA Token Sale (Initial Deck Offering) - Grow Social Community on discord 10k discord members - Establish KingzDAO Discussions - 15,000USD

Chiefs AfroKingz NFTs Drop

Chiefs AfroKingz NFTs will only be available to Soldier NFTs HODLERS - Discord community radio project (200,000 listeners on dedicated Discord Channels) - 4,000 Chief AfroKingz NFTs will be auctioned off with key partners - DAO Selection Committee will be established - MUDA Token Listing, NFT Marketplace, Media and Merchandising. - 15,000USD

Council members AfroKingz NFT Drop

DAO Committee Conducts The DAO Vote on the 200 Afrokingz NFT - 200 Afrokingz DAO (@kingzDAO.eth) is Established - MUDA Blockchain Protocol Launch (P.O.W + Proof of staking + NFT Staking + Token Mining) - 1 KINGS AfroKingz NFT = 1 Vote


Kingz Tokens Have Access to the DAO Treasury Fund, These will Invest the Treasury funds into Key Stone Projects that use MATIC as the blockchain of Choice such as the MUDA Decentralized Exchange that is used by P2P traders (Agent Cash to Crypto System) - 20,000 USD