Education is freedom

We are just curious and exciting hearing some opinions or critics about our main vision.
science & faith and the climate crisis and education
After a few conversations and meetings with different Professors in deference universities here in Germany and in Austria as well . they called us Dreamers :wink:
Main SocialAnimalEarth`s vision is to start searching for the problems which scientists couldn’t continue., For example, Albert Einstein have a dream of the Theory of Everything and he died without achieving that goal,. we planned to continue searching where Einstein stopped, to Create a game of combination between Physics, mathematics, and biology without going into detail. the goal is Gamers in a New Era of playing and gaming with Play to Learn & Play to learn. a game without end :slight_smile:
we are building SocialAnimalEarth with Love on Polygon and we appreciate every support,. in case there is a scientist here in the Polygon community ,. we love collaboration in case you love what we are building,.
best regards,
SAE Team

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