Canot add my balance

I withdraw matic from exchange to my Zebpay exchange but not credit my balance . But balnace is showing on my hash link pls unlock that and pls help me credit to my address

I ask support they told this :You basically sent the tokens to an address controlled by the exchange/wallet
They hold the keys to that account on Matic. Only they can unlock it for you.
You would need to ask them to configure Matic Mainnet on their wallet

My address : 0xCfF10EACe3A4F0c9D485d5dc6fD11CD9bA8A6D62
Hash : Polygon Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | PolygonScan

I withdraw from Indoex Digital Assets Exchange

Zebpay india
Directly withdraw but balnce is not showing my Zebpay exchange
They tell withdraw to wallet after withdraw to exchange your fund will not add this issue

But my token hash in polygon scan my balance is showing
How I unlock to exchange