All of a sudden, my Eth displays 0 in wallets


Yesterday I bridged 1.0 ETH from Ethereum to Matic. Transaction and my wallet addy:

Wallet: 0x653325aFDb00DD741Fee25a694467eBA17E8e93D

Everything appeared to have gone smoothly: the moment that I received the ETH, I staked 0.5 into Polygold (farming protocol) and 0.25 into Hachi (farming protocol). The transactions can be seen here:

I had 0.25 WETH balance for a while, and then suddenly that amount turned into 0 and was unavailable to me - I can’t see it on Metamask, Trust Wallet, or Atomic Wallet, nor can I do anything with it because the balance is 0. The curious part is that it is visible on the Matic explorer under Tokens:

Any idea what’s going on? I thought maybe I got hacked or something, but if that was the case I would see a transaction (any transaction) transferring the 0.25 WETH out. There’s nothing that suggests that that balance exited my wallet.

Please help.

hello what was done ? was it resolve ?

i am about to jump into matic i was to know what i am getting myself into !!!