0xLaJota introduction !

Basic Introduction:
Hello, LaJota from France.
FTX (lol)
Professional Background:
Im actualy a student in network.
By helping community in discord or tweeter.

Interests in Web3:
Im in love with DeFi !
FHE and Stable-Algo !

Feature Recommendations:
Include FHE asap very good tech.

Current Projects:
No im not working on web3 project.

Learning and Development:
The hardest part of web3 is learning and differentiating between blockchains, tokens, wallet, bridge, EVM or not etc.

Community Engagement:
By talking to community, explain what is Polygon, how use it, why Polygon ?

Future Aspirations:
My long term goal is to have a jobs in web3.
Fun Facts:
Fun fact : MvX have a good tech but 0 users

Connect and Collaborate:
mail : [email protected]
tweeter : @lajota_777